6 Things You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home

The things that you need to get right when selling your home

Stephen Green
6:42 PM, Apr 20, 2022

  1. Staging is absolutely crucial.

Yes, we’ve talked about this one before, but we’ll say it again…homes that don’t show well, don’t close well. That means the staging of your home can make or break the sale, end of story. How should you be staging your home? We’ll be covering that in detail next week.

  1. Buyers don’t want to deal with your old problems.

You don’t want to have to replace that old dishwasher, fix the squeaky door, or lay a new floor, and neither do your prospective buyers. Yes, these things may cost a bit of cash upfront, but you’ll get that money back when buyers offer more than they would if these unsightly blemishes are left unfixed. These improvements often mean going one step further than simply staging the home to sell, but our agents can advise you on what improvements will make the greatest difference to the sale.

  1. Comparables are more valuable than opinion when pricing.

When it comes to pricing your home for the market, the only opinion that matters is the market’s opinion! Comparables are often regarded as the single best tool in determining your homes value, so why would you NOT use this information? It’s absolutely essential to know what is else is selling, for how much, and how it compares to your home before setting your own expectations. Our agents can give you all of the comps information for your area before your house hits the market.

  1. Real Estate is a local business.

Yes, asking prices are up nationally, but…you need to think locally to sell quickly. Just the mere fact that real estate asking prices are up nationally is great news for the market as a whole, in some areas it’s risen as high as 5 per cent but it’s absolutely essential that we work to what the Baltimore and surrounding areas market is doing – forget the rest of the nation for now, we’re not selling anywhere else. You should know by now that all comes back to the comparables! We’ll work together to determine the best asking price for THIS market.

  1. Incentives separate you from the competition.

Sure, offering practical incentives may not seem like the most appealing way to market your house, but in terms of practicality they meet legitimate buyer needs and set your listing apart from the rest. That’s a win-win, right? It’s important to know what you may be willing to offer to sweeten the deal if the offers don’t come rolling in right away. What should you offer? Of course a flat-screen TV and a new car can bring big attention to your listing, but they’re not very practical, here are few incentives you could think about offering: Interest rate buy-down, closing cost credit, HOA dues credit, and broker incentives. Our agents can advise you further on the best incentives to offer if you want to up the ante.

  1. Winter doldrums don’t exist for serious buyers.

There’s no denying that there are generally less home sales in the winter, but serious buyers never stop looking and that includes through the dead of winter. Not to mention there are plenty of benefits to listing your house through the winter months…less competition for a start!