Spectrum RSS Feed https://spectrumblog.net We discuss all aspects of creating property for the rental market and how to create living environments for our tenants. How do you understand and enjoy art? https://spectrumblog.net/how-do-you-understand-and-enjoy-art The greatest method to enjoy art is to consider its creativity and significance rather than merely observing its various colour aesthetics. Most individuals contend that enjoying art is more important than understanding it. Similar to how life itself is only meant to be experienced. What is modern design style? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-modern-design-style A monochromatic colour scheme, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light are characteristics of modern interior design. It especially alludes to a historical aesthetic movement that flourished in the first to middle decades of the 20th century. What is art education in your own words? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-art-education-in-your-own-words Participation in artistic and creative pursuits like dance, theatre, music, painting, or sculpting is referred to as art education. Both the curriculum and extracurricular activities may include it. How do you define art essay? https://spectrumblog.net/how-do-you-define-art-essay Essay on What Is Art: Artists convey their thoughts and emotions via their distinctive works of art. Throughout history, society has valued art and artists for their contributions to it. An artist's work generates a fresh perspective on the world or society in which we live. What is color for art? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-color-for-art The objective definition of colour is the result of light striking an item and then reflecting back to the eye. However, colour has a variety of subjective characteristics in art design. What is your own definition of art essay? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-your-own-definition-of-art-essay Essay Definition: "Art is Anything" This definition encompasses most types of art and is found in Merriam-Online Webster's Dictionary[1][1]. Art is defined as "the purposeful use of skill and creative imagination, especially in the production of attractive objects; also, works so produced." What is the color of art? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-the-color-of-art The objective definition of colour is the result of light striking an object and then reflecting back to the eye. Why is abstract art so popular? https://spectrumblog.net/why-is-abstract-art-so-popular People who appreciate and acquire abstract art frequently do so because they connect or have an emotional reaction to the colours, shapes, textures, or energy the piece exudes. The mood and ambiance of a living place can be changed and improved by abstract artwork. When was the modern era in Philippine art began? https://spectrumblog.net/when-was-the-modern-era-in-philippine-art-began It is noteworthy that the practise of painting figures with pigments on a two-dimensional surface had only been around for a little over a century when modernism was brought to the Philippines in the late 1920s. What is 20th century modern art? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-th-century-modern-art Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Photorealism, and Neo-Expressionism are a few of the most significant modern and contemporary art styles and developments of the last century. What are the styles in modern art? https://spectrumblog.net/what-are-the-styles-in-modern-art These contemporary movements include Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Op Art, Minimalism, Neo-Expressionism, Symbolism, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Expressionism, Suprematism, Constructivism, Metaphysical Painting, and De Stijl. What is the meaning of modern art? https://spectrumblog.net/what-is-the-meaning-of-modern-art Modern art is the creative world's response to the rationalism of the new lives and ideas made possible by the industrial age's technological breakthroughs, which caused contemporary society to manifest itself differently than it had in the past. Rental Scams are on the Increase https://spectrumblog.net/rental-scams-are-on-the-increase There are many warnings on the Internet relating to rent scammers who attempt to rent property either that does not exist or that is not theirs to rent. Tips for Negotiating the Price of a Home https://spectrumblog.net/tips-for-negotiating-the-price-of-a-home Selling a home or other piece of real estate can be tricky, but knowing how to successfully engage in negotiations can mean thousands of dollars to you 6 Things You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home https://spectrumblog.net/6-things-you-need-to-know-before-selling-your-home The things that you need to get right when selling your home What You Need To Know About Rental Property Investing https://spectrumblog.net/what-you-need-to-know-about-rental-property-investing Ok, let’s be real for a minute or two – there’s a heck of a lot of mixed messages being thrown around about what it means to own a rental property How to Earn a Title of a Successful Landlord? https://spectrumblog.net/how-to-earn-a-title-of-a-successful-landlord There is no doubt that in any given time, the business of renting properties can be a profitable venture. But then, are you a successful landlord who can manage the tenants effectively without getting too diplomatic? Things to Look for in Hiring a Contractor https://spectrumblog.net/things-to-look-for-in-hiring-a-contractor As a property owner or as a real estate investor, you are probably concerned about the quality of contractors who you hire to perform regular maintenance or to renovate a property. Advertising Properties with Social Media https://spectrumblog.net/advertising-properties-with-social-media-best-tool-for-real-estate-investors-for-marketing-purposes Best Tool for Real Estate Investors for Marketing Purposes?